Thursday, September 3, 2009

this has been bugging me for a while now.

Just to get this started, i am so passionate about this topic because i have hope for this generation. i belive that equality will come, and it will come soon. the world is awesome, but there is still hate and discrimination. the first kind of discrimination that i hate is race, religion gender etc. but one that really bugs me is discrimination by sexual orientation. Some people think being gay is a choice. but who in the right mind would choose a lifestyle which leads to ridicule and loss of friends and family? And the topic of gay marriage is absoloutly everywhere! i believe that you cant be forced to be attracted to, or love someone of the opposite sex. If you're really into what heavenly father thinks, i know for a fact that he loves his children all the same. so that means he gave ALL his children free agency. the government is stuck in the past in thinking that gays dont matter. but they have their free agency too. the last thing im trying to say is that you have to think gay marriage is right or that you have to agree with any word in this paragraph. this is a blog and i like to speak my mind! so if you can leave a comment, i would love that times a hundred! i like to know what people think on things this controversial. so leave something! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

school and what not

soo yeah like i said i started school on the 10th, and the first day was the absoloute worst day EVER!! and the second was better, but the third was better than that. i love all of my teachers especially my german teacher because she talks in german pretty much the whole time ( i totally love it.) and im slowly making new friends along with old ones... and when you get me and amanda and ryan together in orchestra, you better not expect the class to be quiet!! and my new email adress is (hahahahahaha). so hopefully you leave a comment on my boring blog, but yeah things are getting a little better each day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

high school! yikes!

so i officially start high school next monday (the 10th) and i am a very scared freshman. i mean im super scared about getting lost and mean people and not having my friends in any of my classes. im getting registered today and im very nervous for the first day because thats the worst day of the whole school year. actually the whole first week is the worst part of the school year, but the freshmen get the school to themselves the first week so that should make it at least a little easier... well wish me luck, i will blog about my first day on the 10th!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

things going on so far

so i havent blogged in a while, and im sorry!! i went on trek these past few days and it was really hard physical work. i had a ton of fun and right now i am very exausted and sore!! i just took a 2 hour nap. haha a good thing to do on sunday. so officially i have walked about 26 miles. just imagine the pioneers walking hundreds of miles, walking for about 3 months! i was excited and relieved to get home, just imagine the pioneers when they got to their destination!! well thats about the biggest thing happening to me so far, so when something happens, i will be happy to blog about it! have a good week!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

okay scratch that

i said in my last post that i dont like music from the 80s. well i cant say that because nirvana started out in '86, and i think that is the best nirvana i have ever heard. there are many great bands and artists in the 80s, and i dont give credit for that. but when i think of the 80s i think of duran duran and depeche mode. you know the full blown 80s in a nutshell. but i mean def leppard and john denver, good stuff man, so sorry for those of you who love the eighties. cyndi lauper also comes to mind. ha!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

kerri's idea: new music vs. the good music

so i asked for suggestions on a topic to talk about, and kerri said "how about the difference between new music and the music when your parents were kids?" good topic! I myself prefer the music from the 60s 70s and 90s (skip the 80s. they suck). i mean where do you get that crappy home recorded gems, and music that the drug addled hippies could dance to? now everything is perfected studio recorded, and frankly, new music sucks. there are a few modern artists out there such as nine inch nails, but then again they have been around for a while! you need some variety! the people my age need to realize that there is more to music than stuff today. im not trying to put down today's music, im just trying to pump up the diversity! i have john denver's first record. it is clearly the awesomest record ever! simon and garfunkel? awesome. nirvana? the best one i can think of. tell me what you think! thanks for giving me something to talk about!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


hey its just the usual, NOTHING! so how bout you guys give me a subject, and i will try to pick the best one, and talk about it!

Monday, March 30, 2009


ive been wanting to have a recipe to call my own, or like some secret ingredient in something for a while now... i finally have it! its called sesame eggplant. its just grilled eggplant with the sauce they put on sesame chicken ( i know its not that great, but its a start!) if you want the recipe, i will email it to you. just leave a comment or something! and another bit of news, i have bangs! (once again, not much news, but its a lot to me...) i will post pictures when i find the camera